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The Passage of Time: A Historical Encounter with Future


1 000,00 лв.

The enigmatic journey of this destination unfolds its origins in the distant year of 1923.This charming house, steeped in the authentic spirit of an ancient town, is surrounded by three majestic mountains - Rila Mountain, the shimmering Rhodopes, and the rugged slopes of Pirin.

Our hosts revive this historic monument, honoring its traditional façade while infusing modern elements and innovative designs into its interiors. Every piece of furniture, every meticulous detail housed within this centuries-old abode exudes an aura of comfort, warmth, and affection. Comprising four rooms and a loft on its uppermost floor, providing an awe-inspiring view of the encircling peaks, this location offers more.

The establishment's restaurant invites you into a contemporary interpretation of Bulgarian cuisine, where timeless flavors are reimagined and presented in a novel, inventive manner. Drawing inspiration from the distinct essence of each passing season, the hosts delve into Bulgaria's culinary heritage, employing unique local ingredients. Meanwhile, the chef adds a touch of international flair, incorporating new techniques and unfamiliar ingredients into the culinary narrative.

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