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The revival of a Bulgarian village



Celebrate Easter at a secret location and share this beautiful holiday with your closest people!


Peace of mind. Cozy. Silence. Only the sound of my footsteps slightly lifted the thin veil of silence that hung over this forgotten place. My breathing echoed rhythmically in the cold stonework of the surrounding houses. I try to imagine what this place looked like 100 years ago - a small village buzzing with cultural life and activities, a school with a lot of history and traditions...


Thanks to the hosts of our new secret destination, you will be able to touch a forgotten past and embark on a real adventure back in time. They managed to break the history of the village through the modern view of contemporary trends, restoring several buildings in the region in a unique way.


Enjoy delicious home cooking, interesting interiors, hospitality and wild nature. The place is located in an area rich in natural phenomena, and the possibilities for various activities around are numerous!

Type of accommodation

Children over 5 years (maximum 2 children)