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Bronco Premium Experience


Elegant style, rich history, top-notch Bulgarian wine, exquisite menu, and captivating landscapes...


Embark on a timeless voyage through the ages as you explore our latest treasure. Prepare to be charmed by the hosts' warm hospitality and the sheer passion they infuse into every detail. With its lavish spa, outdoor infinity pool, cigar bar, boutique cellar, and intimate restaurant boasting a meticulously curated menu by one of Bulgaria’s finest chefs, this haven boasts only the most premium materials.


For those seeking adventure, there's the option to rent boats, luxury yachts, Vespa scooters, and bicycles. Take a leisurely stroll to a quaint nearby island. Beyond its initial allure, this hidden paradise conceals numerous surprises, eagerly awaiting your discovery.


Entrust us – it stands as one of Bulgaria's most romantic luxury destinations, tailored for true connoisseurs.

Accommodation for 2 nights

Child 7-12 years