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Team Building 

Explore an exciting team building experience for your valued team and colleagues!

Share your envisioned concept, detailed specifications, and preferences for the location of your next corporate trip. Our team will curate the most fitting list of destinations tailored to your needs.

We follow the same steps as organising our Secret Journeys:

We arrange all logistics for you and your team. Your sole task is to prepare your luggage and depart on the scheduled day.

The ultimate destination remains confidential until your arrival.


In the days preceding your departure, expect to receive exclusive envelopes containing supplementary instructions, comprehensive guidance, and captivating insights about the forthcoming region.

Contact us

You preference

We will contact you in 2 business days!


Team Building with a meaning

One of Bronco's primary mission is to organise events and journeys that bring about positive societal change and leave a lasting impact.

Each participant receives a special surprise gift, carefully curated with handmade items from individuals residing in remote regions in Bulgaria.


In doing so, we support their craftsmanship and bolster the economy of the less developed villages in the country. Every gift showcases the name and hometown of the respective artisan, allowing you to know precisely whose livelihood you are supporting by joining our travels!

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