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Secret Villas

Private accommodation for a group of friends

The catch? Your destination is going to be a surprise for you until the moment you arrive there.

1. To pack your luggage

2. And go

You have only two important tasks to complete:

We organise everything.

  • Suitable for young couples, group of friends, families, little kids and older people. ​

  •  We have been selecting our secret destinations very carefully over the years. Our goal is to avoid popular tourist places and focus on high-quality service and attention to detail!

  •  What to expect? Privacy, wild nature, unique interior designs, great hosts, and fresh food prepared entirely by local products.

  • ​Challenge yourself on this one-of-a-kind adventure & discover the unknown places of Bulgaria!

  • In the week of your departure, you will receive two secret letters from Bronco.

  • In the first one, you will find helpful info for your planned destination - weather conditions, food, proper clothes, distance, and time to travel.

  • Shortly after this, Bronco will send a second letter that will navigate you to your secret goal.

  • We recommend opening the second envelope on the day of departure! Follow the instructions carefully, if you want to be fully surprised at the end!

  • Every participant travels with their own transport and chooses an hour of departure according to their interests - the only requirement is to be at the final destination on the given day!

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