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gabi terzieva bronco owner

All about Bronco's founder Gaby Terzieva

As an ardent traveller and adventure seeker, all my worldwide exploits have been provoked by one simple desire – to search for the hidden beneath the visible and expand the limits of my abilities. The only way to do so is through complete immersion with the local culture.


Who am I? 

An Art Historian specialized in Islamic Art and Architecture, qualified tour guide, horse riding instructor and trainer, jeep maniac & ex-professional dancer - that's me! Beneath this versatile persona, however, lays the constant necessity for travelling and exploring untrodden paths & destinations. Most of you probably know me through my work and passion for horses. At the age of 20, I decided to cross the first desert in my life on horseback. Alone. Riding with the local Bedouin tribes, sharing their lifestyle for weeks, sleeping under the open sky -  this turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. There is something about deserts that captivates my soul - whether it's the seclusion, the isolation or the self-contemplation that it evokes - I have no idea, but it is only in the desert that I can hear MYSELF.

After long rides in the wilderness, I found it extremely difficult to

answer all questions about my adventures back at home. I simply couldn't find the words to describe what I have been witnessing, how I have been feeling, and how lucky one should be if allowed to become part of the mysterious world of some of the most ancient tribes. I have decided that I don't want to tell stories anymore. I want people to see it with their own eyes. I want them part of these unique adventures.

I created BRONCO for you, wild travellers! It's time to start writing your own stories!

All about Bronco's manager Paolo Rezza

A traveller by birth…

My first ever flight on a plane was when I was only a few months old. Perhaps, it was this little event that stirred my enthusiasm for travelling - the desire to search for new places, embrace different cultures and thrill in anticipation for the next adventure.

I graduated in Business Administration and Tourism at New Bulgarian University, Sofia. Nevertheless, my experience in organizing tours began much earlier when I started to plan all holidays for my family and relatives. So far, I have visited more than 40 countries around the world. In the last 5 years, I have focused my energy on developing and enhancing my skills and knowledge in the tourism sector. I successfully advanced in my career, starting as a travel agent and becoming a creator of tailor-made programs in Bulgaria and abroad. In parallel with everything listed so far, I started my own business venture in Greece which is involved in the construction of accommodation houses on the seaside.

The joy in the eyes of our clients when they arrive at their secret place and the shared moments of happiness that we cause with our travel ideas is the biggest motivation for me. I can't wait for us to find more and more new destinations and unconventional ways to travel because there is nothing more rewarding than giving somebody something meaningful to experience... My message to you is simple - keep travelling and never cease to follow this innate childish spirit of yours that will bring you to the paths of new adventures and discoveries!

horse in desert

All about Bronco

In the western USA states, bronco is what the local ranchers call a bucking horse. The bucking horse has been a symbol of wilderness, resistance, opposition, representing the wild, unrestrained nature of the being. The meaning of this simple word is not solely embedded in the concept of the untamed and the natural. It implies a message with a far more profound sense – discover your wild self – meaning your essence, authenticity, and wisdom if you want. Go back to your roots and reveal a forgotten side of yourself – the one that does not conform to what is anticipated as normal.

The experiences I create aim not only to form unforgettable memories but also to evoke your fearless, uncontrollable self, which will get you out of the mundane everyday life for a second. Bronco challenges the traditional way of travelling.
BRONCO is not just a travel brand - it is here to help you overcome your biggest fears, to direct you on the path of becoming a more sophisticated rider. Finally, Bronco is here to offer you a chance to discover a real natural connection with horses - and no, this won't happen at the arena!

This can only happen inside the wildest nature where it's only you and your horse - depending on each other's skills for survival, being both students and teachers.

The desert has the remarkable ability to belittle your existence - everything that you have gone through in your life now seems so insignificant, even meaningless. Only in such an environment will you know your capabilities and limits or the lack of such. Only in such moments will you be so close to a horse's true nature, the one still untouched by the human hand.

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