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Gift Voucher


Surprise your loved ones with a secret trip by Bronco!

There is no better gift than one that brings pure emotions and lasting memories!

Choose one of our secret destinations and create an original present for your friends and family.

Don't forget that all our tours are part of Bronko's initiative to support life in less developed regions in Bulgaria. Each participant receives a surprise gift. We have selected various handmade objects made by local people who live in forgotten villages around the country. In this way, we support their work and lifestyle!

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Shipment Method

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What is a Bronco Gift Voucher?

- All our vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

- All vouchers can be purchased with open dates - the recipient chooses a convenient travel period.
We confirm the booking after checking availability with the hosts.

- Address your wish to the recipient, and we will include it in the content of the voucher.

- All vouchers are sent to you for approval before being printed.
Design and content corrections are possible if necessary.

- You have the option to receive your voucher online or in paper form, wrapped and packaged for the appropriate occasion.
For printing and sending a voucher through a courier, an additional fee of BGN 20 is charged.

- The value of the voucher depends on the secret destination you choose as a gift.
Destinations can be replaced at a later stage by the recipients if the price is the same or with a surcharge if there is a difference.

- Contact us if you want to know more details about a given location.
We are here to help you choose the most suitable secret place for your loved ones.

Bank transfer details:

Bronco Wild Ltd
IBAN: BG26RZBB91551014281559
Reason of payment: Travel to a secret location

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