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Looking for a unique experience for you and your colleagues?

 Surprise Team Building Events for Corporate Clients


  • we organize everything for you and your team

  • the only thing you need to do is to pack up your stuff and go on the given day

  • your destination remains a secret until the very end

Share your ideas and requirements, and we will choose the most suitable accommodation place for your company from our list of secret destinations. In the week of departure, Bronco will send special envelopes to all participants in which you can find detailed instructions and info about the region you are visiting!

A Team Building with a Cause

One of the core missions of Bronco is to organize events that can make a difference in the places we visit. We do not only offer a more exciting and entertaining way of traveling for your employees, but we also seek to incite social engagement and awareness through every adventure we do.


Every participant receives a special surprise gift on arrival. It contains handcrafted objects made by local people who live in poorly developed areas. In this way, we support these people's work and help revive the economy of the forgotten villages of Bulgaria! On every gift, you will find the artist's name and the town he comes from, so you know exactly which person you are aiding.


Discover the hidden gems of Bulgaria and become part of our Surprise Team Building Events! 

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