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What is a Surprise Tour?

Want to leave everything and enjoy some time among nature in a cozy & beautiful place?

Don't have time to plan that special weekend trip?

Can't decide where to go?

✓  We do all the organization.

✓  You have only two important tasks to complete - to pack your luggage and go.

✓  The catch? Your destination is going to be a surprise for you until the moment you arrive there.

How does this happen?

In the week of your departure, you will receive two secret letters from Bronco. In the first one, you will find helpful info for your planned destination - weather conditions, food, proper clothes, distance, and time to travel. Shortly after this, Bronco will send a second letter that will navigate you to your secret goal. We recommend opening the second envelope on the day of departure! Follow the instructions carefully, if you want to be fully surprised at the end!


You have the option of receiving your envelopes online or on paper. There is an additional charge of BGN 20 for printing and sending them by courier, and BGN 15 for payment on the spot from the office.
These tours are suitable for couples, groups of friends, young people, families with kids, and adults.
Important! Our Surprise Tours are NOT related to the horse riding expeditions we organize. We don't offer riding activities except when mentioned.
Every participant travels with their own transport and chooses an hour of departure according to their interests - the only requirement is to be at the final destination on the given day!
We have been selecting our secret destinations very carefully over the years. Our goal is to avoid popular tourist places and focus on high-quality service and attention to detail!
What to expect? Privacy, wild nature, unique interior designs, great hosts, and fresh food prepared entirely by local products.
By choosing to travel with us, you support the local population that still dwells in the forgotten villages of Bulgaria!
Challenge yourself on this one-of-a-kind adventure & discover the unknown places of Bulgaria!

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