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Celebrate Easter at a secret Bronco location

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The catch? Your destination is going to be a surprise for you until the moment you arrive there.

1. To pack your luggage

2. And go

You have only two important tasks to complete:

We do all the organization.


● Our destinations and events are ideal for young couples, friend circles, families, young children, and seniors.

●We have been selecting our secret destinations very carefully over the years. Our aim is avoid bustling tourist hubs and prioritize exceptional service and meticulousness!

●What to expect? Privacy, untamed natural settings, distinct interior aesthetics, exceptional hosts, and meals sourced entirely from local produce.

●Embark on this unparalleled journey, test your boundaries, and unravel Bulgaria's enigmatic places!

  • As the departure week approaches, each of you will receive two letters from Bronco.

  • In the initial letter, discover invaluable insights for your upcoming adventure - details on weather predictions, recommended attire, travel distance, and estimated journey duration.

  • Subsequently, Bronco will dispatch a second envelope, charting the course to our secret location.

  • To savor the complete surprise, we advise opening the second letter on the day of your journey! Precision in following the instructions will heighten the thrill of discovery!

  • Every participant will journey using their own mode of transport, setting their departure time as per personal preference - the only requirement is to be at the final destination on the given day!

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