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640,00 лв.

Timeless Experiences


Discover a place where modernity intertwines seamlessly with authenticity...

Where the rhythm of tradition gracefully harmonizes with the beats of modern life...

Where time pauses to grant a moment - a moment of genuine connection with our history and a glimpse into our future.


Welcome to a charming haven crafted with immense love, awaiting to embrace you with its unique allure and heartfelt warmth. Nestled in a traditional Bulgarian village—a living museum of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture—this place enchants with its sophisticated design, delectable homemade cuisine, serene ambiance, and an innate harmony with nature.


Our dedicated hosts curate their culinary delights using only seasonal, natural ingredients sourced from local artisans or plucked fresh from our own garden. Unveiling a family-owned boutique restaurant, we present a daily array of specially selected, fresh culinary offerings.

Accommodation for 2 nights

Дете 6-15 години