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The Mysteries of an Uncharted Mountain


Some places etch themselves onto your heart, wrapping you in memories and effortlessly reconnecting you to Bulgaria...


This destination sparkles with the genuine warmth of its hosts—charged with boundless energy and love for their homeland. They greet you with savory homemade feasts and enchanting tales, eager to reveal the undiscovered allure of this lesser-known corner of Bulgaria. It's the resilience of the village, fueled by this family, that we're proud to stand beside.


And dont' miss the sunrise there —the breathtaking views of Bulgaria's steepest mountain, the soft caress of velvety fields, the serene tunes of birds, and the brisk steps of locals, each diving into their daily rhythms. Experience Bulgaria's essence in this forgotten paradise!

Accommodation for 2 nights

Child 6-12 years