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Art & Rustic - discover Eastern Rhodope Mountains


Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Eastern Rhodopes, an idyllic place beckons - a repository of 200 years of history. Our gracious host possesses a unique perspective, uncovering what others might miss: the untapped potential and hidden beauty concealed beneath the weathered eaves of old barns and forgotten sheds.


Restored with care, these buildings now will welcome you with their rustic elegance and homely comfort. Each piece of furniture and every wall tells its own authentic story.The architectural design seamlessly fuses the allure of Bulgarian tradition with the contemporary comforts and vibrant hues of the present.


The area offers stunning natural views and a range of activities. Indulge in homemade feasts, crafted from local ingredients, and embrace the tranquility of Bulgarian nature.

Accommodation for 2 nights